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Children and spouses

Certain individuals are able to work freely without having to apply for a work permit. This includes foreigners married to a German citizen who resides in Germany.

In general, spouses are given the same rights as the spouse already in Germany. Therefore, if the spouse in Germany has the right to work, the spouse who comes to join him or her will also have that right.

Children have the right to join their parents in Germany until they are 16 if both parents (or the parent who has custody of the children) have a residence permit. Minors over the age of 16 also have the right to join their parents in Germany if they speak German or if the authorities believe that the child will be able to integrate in Germany. The same applies if the child moves to Germany together with its parents or the parent having the right of custody, and both parents (or the parent having the right of custody) possess a residence permit.

In Germany same-sex couples can form a partnership or civil union similar to marriage. The foreign partners in this type of relationship also have the same basic rights as those of married spouses.

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