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Studying in Germany

With low tuition fees and internationally recognized Bachelor's and Master's degrees now established, Germany is an attractive place of study for foreign students. A student may stay for a maximum of nine months. Foreign students are allowed to work, however, they need to have very good language skills in German and can work for up to 90 days each year, or 180 half days. Foreign students may work in Germany for up 18 months after graduating, however the job must be related to their field of study.

The process is the following:

  1. If you plan to study in Germany, the first step is to gain admission to a German university. During this time prospective students can apply for a Student Applicant Visa which allows them to enter Germany in order to take admissions tests and fulfil other requirements for their university application. This visa is issued for an initial period of 3 months, but can be extended.

  2. Once they have been accepted onto a course at a German university students then submit an application for a student visa to the German Embassy in their home country. You must also submit verification from your university that you have been accepted.

  3. The German Embassy will then forward the visa application for an opinion to the foreigners' authority in the town of the university.

  4. The German Embassy will issue the visa for entry once the foreigners' authority has given its approval.

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