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Entrepreneur visa

Ernst & Young asked 500 businessmen worldwide to list the most sought-after investment locations. In their survey, Germany was number one in Europe and ranked third overall, trailing only behind China and the USA.

This type of visa is issued on the basis that:

  • there is a demand for your services in Germany

  • the business is judged to be likely to have a positive impact the German economy

  • You have sufficient funds to set up the business. There is no fixed sum for this requirement, but a minimum of EUR 250,000 is usually recommended

Some advantages:

  • You have the same rights as German citizens, whatever type of company you are establishing.

  • You do not need a German associate or guarantor.

  • After the business has been established for three years, you and your family may receive unlimited residence permits. These will allow you to enter Germany any time you wish.

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