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Investor visa (Investor 2 Category)

Also known as the Investor 2 Category visa, the New Zealand Investor visa allows experienced business people to gain permanent residence while investing at least NZ $1.5 million over a 4 year period. Applicants for the Investor visa must be no older than 65, have a minimum 3 years of business experience, and meet various investment criteria detailed below. Investment visas are subject to a limit of 300 per year.

Investors with NZ $10 million or more in funds can also apply for the Investor Plus (Investor 1 Category) visa, which has fewer restrictions and eligibility requirements.

Basic requirements

Basic requirements for Investor visa applicants include:

  • Having at least NZ $1.5 million in investment funds or assets

  • Having at least NZ $1 million in personal settlement funds or assets

  • Being 65 or younger

  • Scoring at least 20 points on the New Zealand Investor 2 Category points test

  • Meeting the English language requirement, this means having English language background or proficiency, such as citizenship of an English speaking country, or:

    • A certificate showing an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test score of 3 or more, or;

    • Other proof of English proficiency, such as holding a University degree that was taught in English

  • Spending at least 146 days per year in New Zealand during the final 3 years of the investment period (see below for further details)

  • Being of good health and character


In order for an applicant's Expression of Interest to be considered they must score at least 20 points on the New Zealand Investor 2 Category points test. Higher scores increase the chance of the application being approved.

Full details of the New Zealand Investor 2 Category points system can be found on our Investor visa (investor 2 category) points system page.

Investment and settlement funds

Applicants must have a minimum of NZ $1.5 million of investment funds and NZ $1 million of personal settlement funds. These funds must be:

  • Solely owned by the applicant, or collectively owned by the applicant and their partner and/or dependent children

  • Available for immediate investment; not subject to mortgages, charges, encumbrances, or creditor claims, or tied up in securities, loans, or other agreements

  • Legally earned or acquired

  • Available for transfer to New Zealand through banking or a foreign exchange company

If transferred through a foreign exchange company, evidence of the following must be provided:

  • That the funds were transferred to the foreign exchange company directly from the applicant's bank account(s)

  • The funds are fully traceable

  • The funds were transferred in any way that is in keeping with New Zealand law

  • The foreign exchange company has no history of fraud or financial impropriety

Expression of interest and residence approval

Applicants first apply by submitting an Expression of Interest. If the Expression of Interest is successful the application can be approved in principle. Applicants are then then granted a 12 month multiple-entry work visa, which can be extended for a further 6 months in necessary, in order to research opportunities and conduct their investment in New Zealand. Partners and children can also be included on the work visa.

Applicants may then be granted residence after the applicant has

  • Transferred their investment funds and invested them in New Zealand

  • Provided details of a New Zealand mailing address

  • Paid a migrant levy, if applicable

  • Arranged for any family members included on the application to take English language tuition if they did not initially meet the visa's English language requirement

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