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New Zealand Study Permit

Having a New Zealand Student Visa or Permit means you can study in New Zealand for a set time at a specified institution as a full time student. In most cases you will be issued a one year, renewable permit. The main purpose of a Student Visa or Permit is to allow international student to study full-time in New Zealand. However, in some cases your Student Permit will allow you:

  • to undertake part time study
  • a limited opportunity to work while studying - if your course of study requires you to be in New Zealand for more than one year.

Who needs a Study Permit?

You don't need a visa or permit if you're:

  • a New Zealand citizen or you hold a New Zealand residence permit
  • an Australian citizen, or Australian resident who holds a current permanent resident return visa.

If the course you want to take runs for less than three months, you can apply for a visitor's visa. You must ensure first that your course is approved by the New Zealand authorities.


In general students will need documentation proving that they will be studying with an approved educational procider in New Zealand, this can take the form of:

  • An offer letting confirming you have a guaranteed place on a course
  • A confirmation of enrolment letter
  • A scholarship letter
  • Any student planning to study in New Zealand for more than 6 months will also need a Chest X-Ray Certificate if they are from, or have spent more than 3 months in, a country with a high rate of TB.

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