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Invitation to Apply for Residence

Expressions of Interest (EOI's) submitted over a number of weeks are collected. EOI's are selected from the pool periodically according to the following criteria:

  • EOI's that have at least 140 points will automatically be selected from the pool

  • EOI's that have at least 100 points but less than 140 points and have a valid job offer for skilled employment (or are currently employed in New Zealand in a skilled occupation) are selected in sufficient numbers to meet New Zealand's Immigration Programme requirements. They are selected in order of points ranking.

If more places are available after the selection criteria outlined above, more EOI's may be selected according to additional selection criteria put in place by the Minister of Immigration.

If you are not selected to lodge a full residence application within six months of registering, then your Expression of Interest will be withdrawn from the Pool. Another Expression of Interest can be lodged again if desired.

If you are selected from the Pool you are then officially invited to apply for residence. At this stage you would need to send in all the documents required to support your claims against the points test, i.e. passports, qualifications, reference letters, etc.

If you are selected from the Pool can also assist you with making your formal application for migration to New Zealand. Please contact us on for more information.

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