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African migrants storm Spanish enclaves

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Several hundred African would-be immigrants, October 3, stormed a barrier on the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco.

At least 200 people managed to get over the border when the fence collapsed but many were arrested and taken away in buses. It was reported that some of the migrants and several Spanish officials were injured during the clash and still for hours after, make shift ladders, shoes, shirts and other pieces of clothing dangled from the barrier.

The previous week, five people were crushed to death when trying to break into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Both Melilla and Ceuta are regarded as gateways to Europe by African migrants, who hope to cross the border and be sent to mainland Spain where they will try to remain while authorities sort out their expullsion to their own countries.

So far this year, police have registered some 12,000 attempts to enter Melilla.