Australia has severe need for British immigrants

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Australia's Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) is heading to London to try to recruit British immigrants, to fill a severe skills shortage. Australia, as reported earlier on, hopes to recruit 20,000 skilled workers from around the world.

In 2004, 18,000 Britons migrated to Australia, and the UK provides the largest percentage of skilled immigrants to Australia. Recently the Australian Government raised its 2005 target for skilled immigrants to 97,500.

Australia's government is aiming to tailor the latest drive to meet the country's specific skills shortages, and from September DIMIA intends to place advertisements in British newspapers inviting tradespeople and professionals to meet potential employers and state and federal government representatives.

Part of the 1.3 million recruitment initiative involves the London jobs fair where DIMIA officials will be present to unravel the vast complexities of Australia's immigration procedure for potential migrants. DIMIA officials will also be visiting Berlin, Madras and Amsterdam as part of a global tour to promote and educate people about Australia's culture, attractions and job opportunities.

Migration to Australia operates via a points-based immigration system; points are allocated depending on age, language, skills, occupation and experience. Potential migrants who have skills listed as being in high demand are given additional points and their applications are given priority. If you are considering immigration to Australia, please visit the list of skilled occupations and fill out our online assessment form. can help you with the application process.