Australian immigration to host skilled immigration event in Germany and Greece

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Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will host Skills Australia Needs information sessions on 6 October in Berlin, Germany and on 8 and 9 October in Athens, Greece.

"The information sessions will provide an opportunity for skilled workers in Germany and Greece to hear about skilled visa options and possible sponsorship and employment opportunities in Australia," a DIAC spokesman said.

The Skills Australia Needs events are designed to encourage people to immigrate to Australia as skilled workers in skilled shortage occupations in Australia. Currently, shortage occupations include jobs in health care, engineering, and certain trade occupations.

"[DIAC] has staged these events for a number of years in various countries to provide information to skilled workers about skilled visa options for Australia, with a focus on matching skilled workers with Australian state and territory governments and employers in target occupational areas," the spokesman said.

The spokesman said that to be eligible to attend these events, you should have qualifications that are recognized in Australia, have experience in a shortage occupation, have a high level of English language ability, and be under 50 years of age.

You can gain entry under Australia's skilled immigration program in a wide range of different occupations. This compares to the somewhat tougher immigration requirements for entry to say the UK and the US. For people in Germany and Greece, these events will provide a valuable opportunity to explore their options for immigrating Down Under.