Australian Immigration still looking for British Skilled Workers

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The Australian Government is holding an employment expo in London on 11 and 12 September 2010 to match Australian employers with skilled workers from the UK. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) had the following to say:

"Are you skilled in engineering, medical services, or trades? If so, Australia needs you."

"There is still a critical need for skilled workers across a range of Australian industries. The Skills Australia Needs Expo in London will target the industries most in need of skilled workers, such as the mining, health and construction industries."

"The expo will play host to representatives from major Australian employers and governments from all Australian states and territories. Participants will be able to find out more about possible career pathways down under."

The Australian Expo Program first started in 2005. So far there have been 23 Australian employment expos with eight in the UK. The main features of the 2009 employment expo were as follows:

  • 38 exhibitors including Australian employers, Government organisations and relocation service companies.

  • More than 1800 people with skills in demand in Australia visited the Australian Expo.

Australian DIAC went on to say the following:

"The last expo was a big success for both industry representatives and people attending: 90 per cent of participants said they would recommend future expos to friends, while 80 per cent thought they might have met a suitable sponsor for migration to Australia as a result of the expo."

There is still good demand in Australia for skilled immigrants. Immigration to Australia based on employment is certainly worth considering.