Australian immigration announces events to recruit UK skilled workers

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Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced they will be hosting two informational sessions in London for skilled workers in the UK to enable them to find new opportunities to emigrate and work in Australia.

The informational meetings, entitled "Skills Australia Needs", will be on 25-26 February 2012 and will give Australian employers the chance to discuss potential employment and sponsorship opportunities with pre-screened UK skilled workers.

"Skills Australia Needs events help address current skill shortages in areas of occupational demand in Australia, particularly health care, engineering and select trade occupations," a departmental spokesman said. "Interested skilled workers can apply to attend the events, however, only those with recognised qualifications and experience in one of the occupations targeted will be selected."

Australian employers and immigration officials will have the opportunity to meet with skilled UK workers and explain the options and benefits of emigrating to Australia. Australian employers and state or territory governments who have employment and sponsorship opportunities in the targeted occupations may participate in Skills Australia Needs events to meet potential skilled workers in the UK.

The events will allow pre-screened targeted UK citizens who have certain skill sets to obtain information on Australia visa sponsorship, employment and lifestyle options. In order to be considered, interested skilled workers should:
  • be under 50 years of age
  • have good English language skills (both written and verbal)
  • be interested in living and working in Australia
  • have qualifications and/or work experience in an occupation in demand in Australia. These include health or engineering professions and automotive, construction, electrical and mechanical trades.
"The department has staged these events for a number of years in various countries to provide information to workers about skilled visa options for Australia, with a focus on matching skilled workers with Australian state and territory governments and employers in targeted occupational areas," the spokesman said.

The events will also seek to further the Australian government's priority of targeting skilled migration to regions where specific skills are required in the labour market.

Registration begins 1 December 2011. Australian immigration officials will invite only those skilled workers who register their interest and who are assessed as having the requisite skills and qualifications in the targeted occupations to attend the information sessions. Entry will be free of charge.

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