Australian student Visa - Possible links to sex industry investigated

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Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has announced an analysis of the Australian student visa program and possible links to the sex industry. It has been alleged that some students on Australian student visas end up working in the sex industry. If there is any evidence of human trafficking this will be referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Immigration Minister Bowen had the following to say:

"My department routinely conducts compliance operations in the sex industry, generally as joint operations with the AFP, to ensure the owners are not employing foreign nationals working without a valid visa or in breach of work conditions."

"This is the situation as with any other industry. But following particularly serious and disturbing allegations, it is only appropriate that a thorough analysis now occurs.

"Australia is committed to ensuring the integrity of its migration and visa programs. Allegations of illegal work and the exploitation of workers in any industry by unscrupulous employers or migration agents are taken very seriously."