Biden Trump Border Wall: Hypocrisy, Debate, Renewed Construction

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By Sanwar Ali:

Biden has been criticised for hypocrisy over the border wall. The Biden administration has resumed the construction of the controversial border wall, a project that had been a cornerstone of his predecessor's tenure. The move has incited shockwaves across the political spectrum, with both critics and supporters voicing their strong opinions. This article aims to provide an analysis of the unfolding events, the motivations behind the sudden policy shift, and the potential impacts on immigration and border communities.

Background: The Legacy of the Border Wall

Trump said that the Border Wall was a solution to illegal immigration and drug trafficking. However, critics argue that the wall is an expensive, environmentally damaging project that negatively affects border communities. The topic has remained a hotbed of political debate, with sharp divides along party lines. Biden's decision to resume construction has added a new twist to the story, sparking a renewed debate on the efficacy and implications of the border wall.

Biden's Stance on the Border Wall

During his campaign, Biden pledged not to construct "another foot" of the border wall, positioning himself in stark contrast to Trump's hardline stance on immigration. His decision to resume construction in certain areas, though, has raised eyebrows and invited criticism from both sides of the aisle. The move is seen as a departure from his campaign promises, inciting a flurry of questions about his commitment to his publicly stated beliefs.

The Reasons Behind the Policy Shift

The primary reason for the policy shift appears to be the legal obligation to use funds appropriated by Congress for their intended purpose. A fiscal year 2019 appropriation had explicitly allocated funding for the construction of a barrier system along the southwest border. The Biden administration had sought to redirect this funding but failed to secure Congress's approval.

The Backlash from Democrats and Republicans

The decision to resume construction has not been without controversy. Biden has faced backlash from his own party, with Democrats criticizing the move as a betrayal of his campaign promises. Republicans have accused Biden of hypocrisy and inconsistency in his policies.

The Arguments For and Against the Border Wall

The border wall's proponents argue that it serves as an effective deterrent to illegal immigration and drug trafficking. They emphasize the need for strong border security and view the wall as a necessary measure to safeguard national interests. Critics, however, argue that the wall is expensive, environmentally destructive, and detrimental to border communities. They argue for the adoption of more humane and effective immigration policies.

The Impact on Border Communities

Border communities have borne the brunt of the border wall's impact. While some communities have seen a decline in crime rates, others have faced increased difficulties due to the wall. Access to essential services has been hampered, and legal border crossings have become more challenging. The wall's environmental impact has also been a cause for concern, with habitats of endangered plants and animals being disrupted.

The Legal Challenges

The Biden administration's decision to halt border wall construction had also faced legal scrutiny. Texas and Missouri had filed a lawsuit against the administration, seeking to compel the government to restart construction. Whether this case is still relevant is uncertain now that Biden has agreed to restart some construction work on the border wall.

The Future of the Border Wall

With the legal battle pending and the political debate raging on, it is uncertain what will happen in future.


Biden's decision to resume border wall construction has sparked a heated debate and highlighted the complexities of immigration policy. Despite the criticism, the move is a reflection of the legal obligation to use funds as appropriated by Congress.

The Biden administration's actions on the border wall will have lasting impacts on immigration policy, border communities, and the political landscape. As the debate continues, it is essential to continue scrutinizing these decisions and their impacts on the people most directly affected. The conversation about the border wall is far from over, and the coming months will undoubtedly bring new developments and perspectives to light. helps with US Work Visa: L1, H1B, E2, and O1 Visas

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