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Canada - Quebec immigration seeks nurses

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The new Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been modified to make it easier for nurses to qualify because of a shortage of skilled nurses in the province.

Applicants under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are assessed according to a 'points grid' which awards points for various skills, qualifications and attributes. Single applicants must score 49 points to be successful and those with partners (whether of the same or the opposite sex) must score 57 points.

A maximum of 16 points can be awarded for an applicant's professional training. This will be awarded if you are trained in a 'priority occupation', that is to say, one where there is a shortage of trained operatives in Quebec.

16 points for nursing training

Under the old QSWP, nursing professionals scored 12 points. Under the new QSWP, nursing professionals receive the maximum 16 points.

Points are awarded as follows

Criterion Points awarded
Education 2-12
Training 6-16
Offer of employment Up to 10
Work experienceUp to 8
Age Up to 16
Language skills 6 to 22
Period of stay and family in QuebecUp to 8
Spouse's skills/training/age Up to 16
Children Up to 8
Ability to support oneself1 – you must score this point or your application will fail

The decision to upgrade nursing qualifications to 16 points makes it easier for nurses to qualify under the QSWP, even if they do not speak French.

You will see from the above table that a nurse who scored 28 points for education and training, 10 points for an offer of employment, 8 for work experience and 16 for her age would not need to score any points under the language heading to reach the 49 points required to qualify.

An advantage to speak French

Nonetheless, because Quebec is Canada's only French-speaking province, it would certainly be an advantage to speak French.

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