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Quebec seeks qualified nurses

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There is a national shortage of nurses throughout Canada, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the country's immigration ministry. The shortage is especially severe in the Province of Quebec where there are vacancies for nurses of many kinds including
• Registered nurse
• Intensive care nurse
• Geriatric nurse
• Nurse technician
• Nurse educator
• Recovery room nurse

The Canadian Nurse Association has predicted that Canada will need 60,000 nurses by 2022 if it is to fill all vacancies, despite the high wages and good working conditions which nurses can expect in Canada; nurses in Montreal (the capital of Quebec) can expect to be paid CAN$28-40 per hour (US$28-40, £18-25).

Nurses are required throughout Canada because of the country's ageing population which will have greater healthcare needs but the need is greatest in Quebec because the provincial government has announced plans to make the province a global healthcare destination. Two new 'super hospitals' are already under construction in Montreal; the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montreal will be completed in 2015 and the McGill University Health Centre will open in 2016. These hospitals hope to attract the best talent from around the world.

Jason Kenney, Canada's Immigration Minister, suspended the Canadian Skilled Worker Program in June 2012. He has since said that he expects to re-open a revised program in January 2013. However, the Quebec Skilled Worker (QWS) program remains open and Quebec is encouraging skilled workers, especially nurses to apply. Successful applicants can apply without having a Canadian job offer.

Nurses who apply to the QSW program must have
• A 3-year diploma, 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing or (for US-educated nurses) a 2-year nursing degree. Degrees must have been completed in the last five years or
• Received a relevant degree over five years ago and worked as a nurse for at least one of the last five years.

Upon arrival in Quebec, successful applicants will receive Canadian Permanent Residency. This will entitle them to work anywhere throughout Canada. There are 111 fields of study targeted on the QWS list. Nursing is only one of these.

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