Canada to strengthen language training for immigrants

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The Federal Government and the Province of Ontario will jointly invest C$3.4 million to improve English-language training for immigrants, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported on January 20.

The money will be spent over two years on 13 projects in Ontario under the Enhanced Language Training (ELT) program to teach vocational English to 1,300 people who gained their qualifications in foreign countries. Over 70 percent of adult immigrants to Ontario have post-secondary qualifications. Officials say there is a need for higher-level language training for skilled immigrants beyond traditional courses that teach basic French and English.

The Canadian Government spends C$20 million every year on ELT. "One of the keys to our continued prosperity and competitiveness will be the degree to which foreign-trained professionals and skilled workers are able to successfully integrate into society and our workforce," said Canada's Immigration Minister Joe Volpe.