Canada Temporary Work Visas requirements to become tougher

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There will be new tougher requirements to come under the Canada temporary worker scheme from 1 April 2011. Canadian work visas are used by employers who are unable to find suitably qualified employees locally and so need to employ overseas nationals on a temporary basis. Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney had the following to say:

"The government is taking action to protect temporary foreign workers, including live-in caregivers, from potential abuse and exploitation."

"We owe it to them, their employers and all Canadians to ensure that the program is fair and equitable. After all, they are an essential element of Canada's economic success."

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley also had some comments to make:

"These changes represent an important step. Temporary foreign workers help the Canadian economy by filling labour needs in sectors where Canadians or permanent residents are not readily available."

"Our government is taking action to improve the integrity of the program while ensuring that these people are afforded the necessary protections."

The changes from 1 April 2011 include the following:

  • A limit on how long an overseas worker may remain on a Canadian temporary work visa.

  • Tougher requirements to show that a job offer is genuine.

  • If the employer has not met agreed requirements with respect to wages, working conditions and occupation there will be a two year prohibition on the employer hiring overseas workers.

The Canadian Government also specifically mentioned the Live-in Caregiver Program in their recent news report. This is a work visa that is also used if there are no suitable Canadians or permanent residents who can fill the vacancies. After you come under the Live-in Caregiver Program you can then apply for Canadian permanent residence.