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Canada Immigration News

Poll finds Canadians' views on multiculturalism

9:36 13/10/2005
Sixty-eight percent of Canadians believe that multiculturalism helps to moderate extremist influences. However, 58% expressed concern that the loyalty of immigrants may suffer if they maintain too...

Halifax, Canada wants more immigrants

16:57 10/10/2005
Municipal staff in Halifax, Canada are recommending that the regional council endorse a proposed multi-year immigration strategy designed to attract more immigrants. The staff report contains...

Increased immigration helps Canada's population grow

9:09 30/09/2005
Increased immigration gave Canada the second highest rate of population growth among G8 countries over a 10-year period, according to Statistics Canada. The country's population jumped by 2.98...

Canadian Embassy in Conakry, Guinea closes

17:31 27/09/2005
The visa office of the Canadian Embassy in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa, will be closed to the public as of September 22, 2005. After this date, people in need of temporary resident visas will have...

Canada immigration minister wants major changes

12:43 27/09/2005
Canada's Immigration Minister is pushing for major changes to the country's immigration system, according to government sources. If the changes are accepted, Canada will be bringing in more than 300,...

Australia's Immigration Department to invest $100m in IT

13:33 20/09/2005
Australia's Immigration Department will spend an extra $100 million on IT over the next five years, and the figure could rise even further as the department considers whether it needs to spend more...