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Canada Immigration News

No influx of tsunami refugees in Canada

14:14 10/06/2005
Canadian immigration officials say a predicted wave of refugees from tsunami-ravaged South Asia never materialized, but representatives of those communities say it's because of Canadian government...

Canadians disagree with granting citizenship to "lost Canadians"

17:23 06/06/2005
Most Canadians disagree with the Canadian government's May 2005 decision to allow people to regain the citizenship they lost as children without actually moving back to Canada , a newly released poll...

Saskatchewan, Canada wants more skilled immigrants

12:57 02/06/2005
A new Immigration Agreement has been signed between Canada and Saskatchewan, central Canadian province. The Agreement defines the respective roles and responsibilities of Canada and the Province of...

New Miss Universe hopes to be a role model for immigrants

11:23 31/05/2005
Natalie Glebova, the newly-crowned Miss Universe, a Canadian from Russia, said she hopes to be a role model for immigrants all over the world. The dark-haired, green-eyed 23-year-old beat four...

Canada allows foreign post-graduates to work for two years

16:10 18/05/2005
As of 16 May Canada's post-graduation work program allows certain students to work for up to two years after their graduation. Previously, students were only allowed to work for one year. Foreign...

Many Filipinos immigrating to Canada for better future

13:43 13/05/2005
Despite its cold climate, Canada is fast becoming the country of choice for many middle-class professional Filipinos. They are leaving the tropical Philippines to immigrate to Canada in hopes of...