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Canada Immigration News

Canada to strengthen language training for immigrants

15:03 25/01/2005
The Federal Government and the Province of Ontario will jointly invest C$3.4 million to improve English-language training for immigrants , Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported on January...

New Canadian immigration minister - faster refugee processing

19:49 18/01/2005
Following the January 13 resignation of Judy Sgro, newly-appointed Canadian Immigration Minister Joe Volpe will seek to speed up the process of determining who is a refugee, the website Cnews reports...

Scandal forces Canadian immigration minister to quit

13:29 17/01/2005
Canada's Immigration Minister Judy Sgro resigned January 13 after allegedly offering to help an asylum seeker stay in Canada, Reuters reports. Ms. Sgro was forced to quit after Toronto pizza shop...

Canada - Faster visa processing for those orphaned by Tsunami

17:25 07/01/2005
The Canadian Government is looking at easing adoption rules sothat children orphaned by the tsunami tragedy can be adopted byrelatives living in Canada, the website reports. Canada'...

Canada may further relax entry rules after tsunami

12:18 06/01/2005
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has announced that his government may make more concessions on family reunion migration for victims of the Asian tsunami, the newspaper The Globe and Mail reported...

Canada speeding up family reunion visas

19:55 04/01/2005
Canada is fast tracking existing Family Class applications under the Immigration and Refugee Act for people affected by the Asian tsunami disaster, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced...