Cheaper calls to London Office

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We are pleased to announce that the main contact number for the London office is now 0344 991 9222.

Please note that the only difference between the new number and the old number is that the second digit "8" has been replaced with "3". If you are phoning from outside the UK the number is +44 344 991 9222. The previous number 0844 991 9222 still works.

The new 0344 number has the following important benefits:

  • It is generally cheaper to phone the new 0344 number than the 0844 number.
  • If you are based in the UK 0344 calls should be in your inclusive minutes in your monthly mobile or landline call package.
  • It may actually be free depending on your call plan to phone a 0344 number. For example it is free on a Skype monthly telephone call plan.

We are confident that based on feedback from clients and prospective clients that this change will, for many of you, significantly reduce the cost of phoning the London office.