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Increase in Irish immigrants moving to Canada, UK, US, and Australia

15:26 30/01/2012
New figures show the number of Irish people moving to the UK , Canada , New Zealand , the US and Australia has increased over the last year. The bad economy and job market are to blame for the...

Indian immigrants celebrate Indian Republic Day

19:20 26/01/2012
India with over 1 billion people and the second most populous country in the world has been an independent state for 62 years. Indians in India and around the World will be celebrating Indian...

Indian immigration expands tourist visa on arrival facility

12:11 24/01/2012
Indian immigration has announced that within the next year they will be expanding their visa on arrival facility to Goa, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports. Currently, the facility is only...

Russia promises visa-free travel for all World Cup ticket holders in 2018

12:43 23/01/2012
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced this week that Russia would allow visa-free travel for fans at the 2018 World Cup. Putin discussed the visa-free arrangements with FIFA president Sepp...

Survey finds majority of Irish university students plan to immigrate after graduation

9:32 19/01/2012
Two-thirds of college students plan to emigrate after graduating from school in Ireland , according to a new survey released last month by Student Marketing Network. The survey cites better job...

Sri Lanka now requires all visitors to apply for visas online

12:46 14/01/2012
From 1 January 2012, all short term visitors and transit passengers to Sri Lanka must apply for their visas online. Sri Lanka closed their visa on arrival facility for citizens of all but two...