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UN report - economic role of immigrant women overlooked

14:08 24/10/2006
• Watch This Video According to a new UN report released last month, international policy makers have largely overlooked the role that immigrant women play in their contribution toward remitting...

Philippines Sees Job Opportunities in Call Center Business

15:26 13/10/2006
When people have problems understanding their computers, especially in the United States , they often pick up a phone and call the computer maker's help desk. Also, calls for help go out from Canada...

Russian President calls for review of immigration laws

12:29 04/10/2006
• Watch This Video Russian President Vladimir Putin on 04 October called for a review of immigration laws that allow foreigners to work and do business in Russia. Following a diplomatic row last week...

Fifty per cent of the world lives in urban areas

9:45 03/10/2006
• Watch This Video A remarkable milestone in human history is happening as you read this. With approximately 6.5 billion people living on the planet earth, 50% now live in cities, something that has...

Canada & Australia attractive destinations for skilled immigrants

14:25 28/09/2006
• Watch This Video If you are a skilled person and aspiring to go abroad you stand better chances then many others. It is true for all countries from Canada to Australia and Britain . Global...

Jamaica inks deal to pre-screen immigrants from India

10:04 01/09/2006
The government of Jamaica has entered into an agreement with the government of India to set up a pre-screening program for persons seeking work in the tropical island nation. There have been serious...