Latest News on L1 Visa and US Visa Scheme Regulatory Changes

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By Sanwar Ali:

As the global economy continues to evolve, certain US senators have put forward legislation to make changes to the L1 visa scheme.  This in-depth article will discuss the latest news and regulatory changes to these visa programs and their impact on the global workforce.

L1 Visa Reform Act: Key Changes and Implications

New Wage, Recruitment, and Attestation Requirements

The recently introduced L1 Visa Reform Act of 2022 aims to overhaul the L1 visa program by implementing new wage, recruitment, and attestation requirements for potential visa holders. These changes, if implemented, will make the L1 visa process even more difficult and complex.  From past experience it is perhaps unlikely that the reform act will actually be passed by Congress.

Prioritization of STEM Education

The proposed L1 Visa Reform Act also seeks to prioritize the issuance of L1 visas to applicants with a higher level of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This move is aimed at attracting the most in demand skills from around the world to contribute to the US economy.

H1B Visa Program: Recent Developments and Challenges

Renewal Changes and Relief for Indian H1B Visa Holders

In recent times, the US government has announced visa renewal changes that have come as a significant relief for Indians on H1B visas. The new regulations will hopefully make it easier for these workers to renew their visas and continue contributing to the US economy.

H1B Visa Lottery System Overhaul

There have been discussions about overhauling the H1B visa lottery system, moving from a random selection process to one based on wage levels. This proposed change aims to prioritize higher-wage earners in the visa allocation process.

E2 Visa Program: An Alternative for Foreign Workers

E2 Visa Overview

The E2 visa program is a popular alternative for foreign workers looking to invest in and operate a business in the United States. This visa type requires a significant investment in a new or existing US business and also offers the possibility of obtaining a green card in the long run.  However, only certain nationalities can apply.  India is not included in the E2 country list.

Attracting Foreign Talent to the US

The E2 visa program may be worth considering in some circumstances. With its focus on investment and business operations, the E2 visa program is well-suited for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to establish a presence in the US market.

US Job Market and Foreign Workers: The Current Scenario

Tech Layoffs and Impact on Foreign Workers

The US job market has experienced a series of tech layoffs in recent years, with companies like Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta announcing job cuts. These layoffs have had a profound impact on foreign workers, particularly those on H1B and L1 visas, who are facing job losses and uncertainty regarding their visa status.

Extension of Grace Period for Laid-off Workers

In response to the massive job losses in the tech sector, US Congresswomen Anna G. Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren have requested the administration to extend the grace period for laid-off foreign-born workers. This extension would allow these workers more time to find new jobs before losing their employment-based visas.

Challenges Faced by Indian Workers in the US

Indian Talent Moving to Canada

As a result of the outdated H1B visa policy and ongoing challenges faced by Indian workers in the US, many talented individuals are choosing to move to Canada. The Canadian immigration system offers a more streamlined process and attractive opportunities for skilled foreign workers, making it an increasingly popular destination for Indian talent.

How US Companies are Adopting Alternate Strategies

Hiring and Retaining Foreign Talent from Canada

In response to the challenges faced by foreign workers in the US, many American companies are adopting alternative strategies to hire and retain foreign talent. One such strategy involves having foreign workers work from Canada, where the immigration process is more straightforward and offers better opportunities for career growth.

Legislative Changes and Future Prospects

Introduction of Legislation in US Congress

As the US government continues to evaluate and make changes to its visa programs, new legislation has been introduced in the US Congress. This legislation aims to prevent employers from hiring foreign H1B workers if they have recently furloughed their US workers and requires them to pay H1B workers more than their American counterparts. As already mentioned, most proposed immigration legislation is never passed by Congress.

Biden Administration's Approach to H1B Visa Reforms

The Biden administration is actively seeking public comments on the best methodology and data to use in updating minimum wage requirements for H1B visa and green card holders. It is claimed that this will strike a balance between protecting American workers and attracting skilled foreign talent to the US job market. can help with US employment-based visas

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