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Latest UK Immigration News

Owing to an increasing number of work permit applications received by Work Permits UK for their consideration, from 1st April 2003 they will be introducing a fee of £95 for the processing of applications. This fee will apply to initial work permit applications, work permit extensions, change of employment and appeals.

Prospective employers wishing to appoint overseas nationals from countries who have signed and ratified the Council of Europe Charter or the European Social Charter (revised) will be exempt from payment of this processing fee. Nationals covering by this exemption include nationals of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia and Moldova.

Applications for teachers for State maintained schools in England, though not exempt from the charge, will be able to recover the processing cost periodically from the Department for Education and Skills.

Applications received at Work Permits UK after 12.01am on 1st April will be subject to the processing fee.