New UK visa rules for travellers from Libya, Egypt and Syria

New UK visa rules have been introduced for travellers from Libya, Egypt and Syria transiting through UK airports. From 3 April 2012, nationals from these countries will need to apply for a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV).

The DATV is an additional visa requirement which allows certain nationals to travel via the UK on their way to another country. It is important to note that those travelling to the UK on a DATV are not allowed to pass through UK Immigration Control or collect any luggage on a journey through the UK.

The changes were introduced in response to threats to national and border security, according to Home Secretary Theresa May.

"We see this as a necessary measure to protect the security of our borders," she said. "The situation in Syria continues to pose a serious concern to us and the wider international community and Libya and Egypt are emerging from a period of instability."

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