Queensland, Australia lures UK migrants Down Under

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The government of Queensland, in a partnership with other Australian states and territories, is attempting to lure British workers to Australia with a migration information "roadshow" across the UK.

The roadshow visited Glasgow and Manchester on the 1st and 2nd of June, promoting improved employment opportunities and a better lifestyle in Queensland, on behalf of Migration and Skills Recruitment Queensland, the state's immigration authority.

Queensland Minister for Tourism, Regional Development and Industry Desley Boyle said that participating Australian states were working together in providing migrants with overviews of each state's unique features, benefits, and immigration opportunities.

"The fact is, Queensland has the strongest economic growth of all Australian states, our industries are going gang-busters, and we are fairing very well in comparison to the other states," Boyle said.

"On top of that, I'd say that we have a great climate, the most dynamic and innovative industries and the largest infrastructure investment of any state," she added.

Australia's General Skilled Migration program allows migrants with skills in a wide range of occupations to apply for various permanent visas, some of which allow for sponsorship of the applicant by a state or territory.

Others allow an applicant to apply independently and do not require a previous job offer.

"My message to these future Australians on behalf of all the States is simple: come and see Australia with your own eyes -– you'll fall in love, like we have, and you simply won't be able to resist our fantastic employment and lifestyle opportunities," Boyle said.

"The secret is well and truly out of the bag -– Australia, and in particular Queensland, is the place to be," she added.

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