Record number of New Zealanders emigrating to Australia

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Attracted by lucrative salaries in mining and agriculture the number of New Zealanders emigrating to Australia has hit record levels. But many New Zealanders face a difficult time once they arrive in Australia as they often underestimate the challenges they might encounter.

The latest figures show a record-breaking 50,115 New Zealanders made the trip to Australia on a permanent or long-term basis in the year to November. In the same period only 14,357 people immigrated to New Zealand, most of them New Zealand citizen; This means a net loss of 35,758 people to New Zealand.

Since the introduction of the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement in 1973, Australians and New Zealanders have been able to travel to and live in each other's country without visas. Since February 2001, New Zealand immigrants to Australia no longer have access to most welfare benefits.

Logan Youth and Family Services Centre chief executive Cath Bartolow said the number of New Zealand immigrants requiring assistance was growing.

"They aren't aware of the difficulties they face when they don't have access to support and assistance," she said "When they find themselves out of work, it is just so difficult to stay on their feet when the bills keep coming in."

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