Research shows Belgium quickest in attracting skilled migrants

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A new study by Deloitte has found that Belgium processes immigration visas for skilled migrants more quickly than other EU Countries.

In an effort to deal with skills shortages Belgium has streamlined its immigration procedures to fast-track work permit applications for highly skilled non-EU migrants. Latest news

"Belgium is by no means sitting on its hands in terms of economic migration," said Matthias Lommers of Deloitte.

"The work of the Economic Migration Department, which was set up a few years ago, is now bearing fruit and in practical terms has regularly turned out to be of great value for many international companies operating in Belgium," he added.

There is an average of a three weeks wait time for a work permit in Belgium, compared to as much as six months in certain other EU Countries such as in Spain or Italy.

In addition, Belgium has lower earnings thresholds for eligibility; EUR 36,000 compared to EUR 65,000 in Germany.