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Successful Innovators Immigration Scheme Extended

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The Innovators scheme is to be extended, the Home Office announced recently.

The Innovators Scheme is to be extended indefinitely after a two-year pilotin which 112 of the most talented people in theworld have come to Britain to set up high tech businesses in areas such ase-commerce, electronic share dealing and music industry technology.

Home Office Minister, Beverley Hughes, said:

Under the Innovators Scheme we have been able to bring more than 100 ofthe world's cutting edge business people to the UK. These new high-techbusinesses are helping to boost our economy. On the basis of those companieswhich have already completed their initial period, we can expect at least 200jobs to be created by the Innovators currently setting up businesses across theUK. Following a successful two-year pilot we now intend to extend the schemeindefinitely.

Under the Innovators Scheme, entrepreneurs with new and creative businessideas (particularly in science and technology) can enter the UK for an initial18 months. The scheme is designed to attract and select entrepreneurs whosebusiness proposals will provide the UK with exceptional economic benefits, butwho may not qualify under any of the existing entry routes.