Temporary residents can now renew visas in Canada

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Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that temporary residents with a valid study visa or work permit can have their visa renewed from within Canada. Applicants can now apply at the Case Processing Pilot Office in Ottawa.

Previously, immigrants could apply in Canada to extend their study or work permit but could not apply for a new temporary resident visa counterfoil, or visa sticker, to be placed in their passport. The temporary resident visa (TRV) sticker could only be issued by a Canadian visa office outside of Canada.

You can apply in Canada if:
  • You are a legally admitted temporary resident (student or temporary foreign worker only) in Canada with a Canadian residential address,
  • your current temporary resident status is still valid, and your existing counterfoil is expired and/or was valid for only one entry, and
  • you require a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada in the near future.
All applications must be submitted via mail to the Case Processing Pilot Office in Ottawa. Applicants should make sure all fees are paid online a few days prior to mailing your application so payment can be verified once your application arrives at the center.

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