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Tier 2 visa service makes UK entry faster

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UK immigration's 'Registered Traveller' service speeds up entry into the UK for Tier 2 Visa holders and those entering the UK via most other visa categories including the Tier 1, 4 and 5 visas at designated UK and EU ports. Originally introduced in 2013 the service has continued to expand and improve. However, you need to be over 18 and a national of the following countries:

You also need to be in one of the following UK visa categories:

  • You can come under most visa categories. However, this scheme excludes the following visa categories – discretionary leave, EEA family permits, leave outside the immigration rules and Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visas only for creative and sporting visas)

  • You must have visited the UK on at least four separate occasions as visitor during the past 12 months for business, education, medical treatment or tourism purposes

Tier 2 visa holders and others benefit

The Registered Traveller scheme may be of benefit to employees on a Tier 2 Visas and others who are frequent travellers. The service helps to cut down on queuing times allowing people to pass through border control faster and without having to complete a landing card.

Those entering the UK can make use of the ePassport facilities if they hold a biometric passport, plus they can use faster entry lanes at Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, London City, Luton, Manchester and Stansted airports, and Eurostar terminals at Brussels, Lille and the Paris. If you use this service you will no longer need to have a 'credibility interview', conducted by the UK Border Force each time that you enter the UK.

Government Fees for Registered Traveller Service

Signing up for the Registered Traveller service costs £70 per year. Should an initial application be rejected, £50 of the signing up fee will be refunded. To apply you will need to have your passport and a debit or credit card. You can expect a decision on an application within 10 working days.

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