UK announces new Further Leave to Remain (FLR) application form

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The UK Home Office has announced that an updated version of the FLR(IED) application form is now available. This version of the form (Version 09/2005) is only valid for applications submitted on or after 15 September 2005. This means that applications that are either posted on 15 September or applied in person at Croydon Public Enquiry Office should use the new form.

If you wish to submit your application before 15 September you should use the current version of the form (Version 04/2004). If you complete the incorrect version of the form, your application will be returned to you so that the correct version of the form can be submitted.

The changes to the application form and guidance are:

  • revised questions regarding criminal convictions in Section 9 of the form;
  • updated guidance on in-country switching arrangements for the applicant and dependants;
  • new contact details for the teams dealing with applications.

Please contact if you have any questions about the new form or need help filling out the application.