UK - Delays to Further Leave to Remain (FLR)(IED) Applications

The Home Office has announced today that applications made for further leave to remain immigration employment document applications are currently expected to take up to five (5) weeks to process.

If you would like your passport returned before the application has been considered, please note that the application will probably be considered withdrawn, as payment will not have been received. Usually Workpermits (UK) does not receive the application until the payment has been cleared, so if you require your passport back you will have to make a new application and re-submit payment.

The Home Office apologises for the delay in processing such applications and the department aims to return to normal service levels as soon as possible.

If you are a client of ours, please contact our UK Immigration Department on (0)207 842 0800 if you require your passport back during the processing of your FLR (IED) application.

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