UK Based Immigration Expos for immigration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand next month

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The "Down Under Live" and "Canada Live" expos will be held next month in the UK providing detailed information of immigration and employment opportunities for Australia, New Zealand and Canada and will take place in three different cities across the UK. If you are interested in immigration to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada you should seriously consider visiting an Immigration Expo.

Recent government statistics have shown that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the top destinations for people migrating from the UK. Importantly, Australia and New Zealand have been experiencing extreme skills shortages in various industries. There are plenty of opportunities for new immigrants with the right skills and qualifications.

At each of the events, immigrants will receive information on how to apply for the proper visas and work permits. The Canada Live and Down Under Live events are organised by immigration related magazines: Australia & New Zealand magazine and Canada Magazine. Immigration departments from each country will be represented at the shows to provide further information.

"Hundreds of job opportunities will also be on display, proof of the continuing demand for skilled workers from the UK, and experts with long experience of helping people to emigrate will staff stands that visitors can browse during the day," said a Down Under Live statement.

The events take place in London 11 & 12 February, Edinburgh 18 & 19 February, and Birmingham 25 & 26 February.

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