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UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Results

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The UK's new scheme to give permits to highly skilled people withoutrequiring 'sponsorship' by an employer, the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP),has so far attracted 338 successful applicants (up to 13 June 2002)

The HSMP assesses applicants on a based points system, with credit given forqualifications, work experience, professional achievement, and earning ability. Successfulapplicants can take up positions with any employer - or start their ownbusiness.

Although the HSMP is a liberal and progressive move, the standards requiredare very high. Almost two out of every three applications is rejected (the 338successful applicants compare with a total of 953). Of course, clients have a far better chance - we've had a 100% success record sofar.

The incomers include professionals such as doctors, scientists and computerspecialists, whose skills the Government believes will boost Britain's economy.

Immigration minister Beverley Hughes says migrants "contribute a greatdeal to our society" and insists that the Government is keen to attractpeople able to help the economy grow.

The Home Office has also released details of research by the migrationresearch unit of University College London, which shows that Britain has donemore than almost any other country to attract highly-skilled immigrants.

Ms Hughes said that making it easier for people to come to Britain legallywould help cut abuse of the asylum system as well as helping UK employers findthe workers they need. "Properly managed migration is a key part of ouroverall immigration policy. By allowing people to come and work here legally wecan help reduce illegal working, illegal immigration and abuse of the asylumsystem."

If you would like further details of this programme please go to the HSMPpages of our site.