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UK Immigration Bogus Job Offer Warning

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The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has recently made an announcement about bogus job offers to overseas nationals looking for work in the UK. UK immigration warns that sometimes names of real UKBA officials are used in the job offers.

Rob Yeldham, director of communications at UKBA made the following announcement:

'My name has been used in several apparent attempts to scam foreign professionals looking for work in the UK. We have referred cases to our security unit, but at this stage it is unclear what the nature of the scam is, or where in the world it is based. The best advice is to be careful of any unsolicited offers.'

The name has also been misused at times. is one of the most popular immigration related websites in the World and one of the oldest established immigration consultancies in the World. Sometimes unscrupulous consultants deliberately design their website to look like the site and also try and sell work related services using the name. is a private consultancy firm providing independent immigration advice.

We would advise you to take the following precautions:

  1. UKBA deals with immigration control. It is not their job to find work for migrants.

  2. UKBA email addresses will normally have "gov" at the end of the email address.

  3. It is normally difficult to obtain a work visa for entry to a particular Country. Before paying any money to an individual or entity for work related services ask for full details of the type of visa that you will come under.

  4. Most legitimate organisations have their own domain name. For example they would not use a gmail or yahoo email address. Normally, emails will end with "".

  5. is a private consultancy firm and does not itself issue work permits or other visas.

  6. Try and avoid transferring money using Western Union or a similar service. It is difficult to know for sure exactly who will be receiving the money.

  7. If in any doubt contact for advice.

If everyone takes reasonable precautions it should be possible to beat the fraudsters.