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UK Immigration Officer Strike about to start

There may be delays at immigration control at UK airports and ports during a two day strike by the PCS Union on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 October. The strike by a minority of UK Border Agency staff will affect UK border controls. The UK Border Agency says that the disruption should be minimal. However, UKBA also says that they will not know for sure how much disruption will be caused by the strike until the strike actually starts.

Lin Homer the chief executive of the UK Border Agency had the following to say:

'This strike action is fundamentally about the agency's efforts to modernise its working practices to deliver a more efficient and effective service.

'As always, our priority is to keep the UK border secure while speeding the travel of legitimate travellers and goods. We expect the vast majority of our facilities and services to remain open for business.

'We will work hard to keep any possible delays to a minimum and welcome the commitment of those staff working despite the strike action to ensure we check passengers through the controls as quickly as possible.'

UK immigration says that will continue to provide updates on the strike and how it is affecting passengers arriving at airports and ports.