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UK - New Application Forms issued

The Home Office has made available updated and revised application forms and guidance notes for use from 2 July 2004. Work Permits (UK) will no longer accept any application forms that have an expiry date of 28 June 2004 if theyare sent to them after 12.01 am on 2 July 2004.

If there is any confusion with the date of submission, Work Permits (UK) will need to be convinced that the application was in fact submitted before 2 July2004 and they would require evidence of this for confirmation. In all cases, clients should note that the date the application was signed does not establish the date that the application was submitted.

Our clients should be assured that we always use a method of recorded deliveryto submit your application to ensure that we have evidence of the submission date.

For all your UK work permit requirements, please contact our UK visa department on(0)207 842 0800.