UK PD1 application for post-graduate doctors & dentists

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A new category and accompanying application form (the PD1) for post-graduate doctors and dentists is required for Post-Graduate Doctors and Dentists who wish to work in training jobs. Previously, an exemption policy was in effect for persons in this category, meaning that non-UK and non-EEA citizens did not require a work permit for these types of positions.

Now a work permit is required for foreign-born nationals who have not graduated from a UK university. Applications for Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists are an additional Tier 2 category in Business and Commercial arrangements.

• For posts starting before 19 June customers may use the previous version of the Business and Commercial application form. Work Permits (UK) will, however, ask for additional information the PD1 form now covers.

• For posts starting on or after 19 June customers should use the form PD1.

• From 19 June, 2006, change of employment applications require the PD1.

Persons requiring a work permit for this category will normally need to renew it every six months.


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