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UK Visas and Immigration launches 'the GREAT Club'

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UK Visas and Immigration has launched a new service for 'global business leaders' called 'The Great Club'. It is 'an invitation only service providing top business executives with bespoke support from UK visas and immigration'.

According to The website of the Home Office, the government department responsible for the UK's immigration and visa services, 'the club will start in the New Year as a 12 month pilot aimed at around 100 global business leaders who use the visa service and have strong links to the UK.

They will be provided with an account manager to ensure their journey through visa and immigration service is swift and smooth'.

'A world-class, competitive visa system'

The UK's Home Secretary Theresa May issued a statement which read 'I created UK visas and Immigration in March to provide a focus on delivering excellent customer service. These changes will allow us to maintain a world-class, competitive visa system that can innovate in order to serve the ever-changing needs of business and ensure that Britain succeeds in the global race'.

Mrs May created the Visa and Immigration Service in March 2013 after closing down the UK Border Agency which had been responsible for the UK's immigration and visa regime since 2008. Mrs May said that the UKBA was 'not good enough'.

She said it had developed a secretive culture because it was an agency with independence from the Home Office. She announced on 25th March 2013 that she would take the functions of the UKBA back into the Home Office.

Visa and immigration Service replaces UKBA

The creation of the Visa and Immigration Service was announced slightly later by the chief secretary to the Home Office Mark Sedwill.

Sanwar Ali of said 'It is difficult to say how successful this scheme will be in practice. We really need further details. However, surely the main issue at the moment is that it is too difficult to obtain UK visas such as the Tier 2 work visa and Tier 4 student visa. Making it easier to obtain Tier 2 visas would have a great positive impact on the economy than this scheme."

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