UK visas move online for Pakistanis from 6 April 2012

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The UK Border Agency announced that from 6 April 2012, visa applicants in Pakistan must submit their initial applications online. This applies to all applicants and their dependents applying under the points-based system.

Also, from 1 May 2012 the UK Border Agency in Pakistan will no longer accept paper based applications. Applicants will still need to make an appointment at a visa application centre to submit any necessary supporting documentation. Applicants will also need to give their biometrics and have their photograph taken at the visa application centre.

"The UK Border Agency and our commercial partner, Gerry's, are committed to providing our customers with a modern and efficient visa service," Mandy Ivemy, regional manager, UK Border Agency said. "I'm very pleased to be able to introduce online applications in Pakistan, not only because it is part of the UK Border Agency's plan to deliver online services globally, but also because it will mean that customers can spend much less time in the visa application centre than they do at the moment."

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