UKBA introduces priority visa service for Tier 4 visa applicants in Singapore

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UK Immigration has announced from 2 July 2012, Tier 4 student applicants in Singapore will be eligible to use their priority visa service.

The priority service is available for Tier 4 visa applicants who pay an additional fee to have their visa application processed more quickly. Under this program the UKBA aims to process all applications using the priority service within 3 - 4 working days of receipt.

From 6 June 2012, eligible Singapore applicants can use the UKBA's priority visa service for faster processing of their visa applications. The cost of this service is $158 SGD (£80) which must be paid in cash when you submit your visa application.

Currently, you can apply for your visa using this service if you are a:
  • business visitor;
  • Tier 1 visa applicant;
  • Tier 2 visa skilled worker; or
  • air crew joining aircraft.

From 2 July 2012, Tier 4 visa students will be able to apply for this service as well.

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