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UKBA resumes visa service in Libya from 5 April

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The UK Border Agency announced that from 5 April 2012 they will resume full visa services in Libya. The UK visa service was originally closed in February 2011 due to increased violence at that time.

Applicants from Libya will now be able to complete their UK visa application form online and book an appointment at the visa application centre (VAC) in Tripoli to submit their visa application and collect their biometric data. Libyans can apply for the entire range of UK visas at the centre including Tier 1, 2, 4, and 5 visas, as well as visitor visas.

After complete applications are submitted at the Tripoli VAC, they will be sent to the UK to complete processing. This means UK visa applicants from Libya will no longer need to submit their visa applications in Cairo, Istanbul, Rome or Tunis.

"I am delighted that the UK Border Agency is once again in a position to deliver a full visa service in Libya. We believe this will help strengthen the links between our countries and we invite genuine travellers to apply for their visa at our application centre in Tripoli," said UK Border Agency Chief Executive Rob Whiteman.

Also, please note, from 3 April 2012 new UK visa rules have been introduced for travellers from Libya, Egypt and Syria transiting through UK airports. Nationals from these countries will need to apply for a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV).

The DATV is an additional visa requirement which allows certain nationals to travel via the UK on their way to another country. It is important to note that those travelling to the UK on a DATV are not allowed to pass through UK Immigration Control or collect any luggage on a journey through the UK.

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