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US Immigration News

United States cannot locate 600,000 foreign fugitives

10:59 27/03/2007
• Watch This Video In a particularly embarrassing admission, the inspector general for the United States' Department of Homeland Security released a report on Monday indicating that they cannot...

H-2B cap reached for second half of 2007

9:38 26/03/2007
• Watch This Video United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on 23 March that it had received a sufficient amount of petitions to reach the congressionally mandated H-2B...

Spotlight - immigration reform in the United States

18:08 20/03/2007
• Watch This Video Currently a hot debate in American politics, and a sure-fire point of contention in the race for the next United States presidential election in 2008, is the subject of immigration...

New US passport rules create backlog as applications spike

14:05 19/03/2007
• Watch This Video The United States implemented new requirements for travelers entering the country, as of 23 January this year, to comply with the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act...

Bush serious about immigration reform

18:56 16/03/2007
• Watch This Video Bush, in his tour of Latin America, vowed to make immigrating to the US easier. However, his push for immigration reform has met staunch opposition from his own Republican party...

New Bill may halt increased US immigration fees

15:53 13/03/2007
• WatchThis Video A new bill introduced late last week in both houses of the United States Congress could put a stop to the proposed immigration fee hike by the United States Citizen and Immigration...