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US Green Card Lottery: less than two weeks left

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If you are one of the lucky winners the US Green Card Lottery is an easy way for you and your family to gain US permanent residence.

You only have until 5 November 2011 to apply for the Green Card Lottery. Other US immigration routes can be difficult. If you wish to emigrate to the USA on the basis of employment, you will probably need to have a high level job offer and the employer may also need to show that there is no one else locally who can fill the vacancy. Family based immigration is also a popular immigration route for the US.

You should note that if you were born in one of the following Countries you will not be able to apply:

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (Except Northern Ireland) and its Dependent Territories, and Vietnam.

If you wish to apply for the green card lottery you can apply online at the US Department of State website. can also help you with your application. Please see our Green Card Lottery page for more information.