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US Immigration News

Response to US immigrant marches

10:27 09/05/2006
Up to several million people of Latino heritage marched in several cities of the United States on 01 May in support of immigrant workers rights. The largest was in Los Angeles with approximately 1...

Illegal immigration and undocumented workers in America

10:45 05/05/2006
The topic of illegal immigrant workers has recently become a high-profile topic in American politics and news. Characterizing this issue as having only two sides may not give a full picture of the...

The US dollar loses substantially in one week

10:26 05/05/2006
Since the last week of April, the United States dollar has suffered a dramatic decline against many of the big international currencies. There are several factors involved, but most prominent are a...

US Senate reviews immigration reform

9:29 03/05/2006
The US Senate will try again within weeks to break the deadlock on immigration reform, the leader of Senate business says. Bill Frist was speaking after huge demonstrations on May 1 illustrated...

Huge US Immigrant Rights March

19:46 02/05/2006
On 1 May hundreds of thousands of people in the US marched in support of immigrant rights CNN reports. The organizers of a series of nationwide marches "A day without immigrants" asked those opposing...

Immigrants keeping food costs down for Americans

14:07 27/04/2006
American agriculture is warning Americans that the $12 trillion US economy could be forced to go on a big diet if further steps are taken against illegal immigrants. Immigrants are an important...