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US Immigration News

Foreign students to US can apply for visas earlier

11:11 17/03/2006
The U.S. Department of State (DOS) announced in February 2006 that it will allow a student and her/his dependants to obtain their visas 120 days in advance of the start of the academic program. This...

US needs more time for immigration reform

11:28 16/03/2006
US senators crafting a comprehensive immigration reform bill complained on March 15 that a deadline set by Majority Leader Bill Frist could hurt the chances for a guest worker program. Republicans...

100,000 march in favor of immigrant rights in US

10:16 14/03/2006
Hoisting American flags into the air, tens of thousands of immigrants from the Chicago area marched downtown in a display of support for immigrant rights as a bill to stiffen border enforcement...

Emotions high in US immigration debate

9:43 09/03/2006
Immigrants from around the US came together in Washington, D.C., yesterday to lobby for immigration reform, while Senator Hilary Clinton added her opinion to the debate during a speech in Washington...

US looks abroad for nurses, especially to Philippines

14:41 06/03/2006
The Christian Science Monitor this week reports on the serious nursing deficit in the United States . The joke circulating among doctors in the Philippines goes something like this: What's the new...

US Senate begins immigration reform debate

15:08 03/03/2006
The much awaited debate in the US Senate on immigration reform has begun. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold executive business meetings to consider the immigration reform bill proposed by...