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US Immigration News

EU wants visa-free travel for all its members to US

19:46 09/02/2006
The European Union and several eastern European countries are calling on Washington to allow visa-free travel to the US from all EU countries, warning on Feb. 8 that the issue is festering and could...

Bush calls for increase in US H-1B visas

15:26 03/02/2006
US President George W. Bush has urged the Congress to raise the number of H-1B visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers for scientific and high-tech jobs. "Congress needs to understand that...

Overcrowded housing plays role in US immigration debate

19:39 01/02/2006
The issue of overcrowded housing in some US towns is playing a large role in the debate on U.S. immigration. The overcrowding problem has become an issue as these towns try to prevent landlords from...

US to remove illegal immigrants along Canadian border

15:50 31/01/2006
U.S. government agents say they will speed up the removal of illegal immigrants caught near the border with Canada , extending a program already in effect along the Mexican border. The practice,...

Debate begins over US temporary residency to Central Americans

18:12 30/01/2006
Special, temporary U.S. residency issued to thousands of Central Americans is due to expire in the coming months, and many of the immigrants fear they will be sent home. The temporary status granted...

US banks help immigrants send money home

15:53 30/01/2006
Every month, José Valencia sends between $300 and $400 to his sisters and other relatives in Ecuador from the Delgado Travel office in Queens, N.Y. Diana Ransom of the Christian Science Monitor...