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US Immigration News

Update on US H1B visas for those with Master's Degrees

17:17 09/12/2005
The US government issued an update of the H1B masters' cap numbers on December 1, 2005. They have reported that, as of November 29, 2005, there are only 3,302 H1B master's cap numbers remaining. If...

Automatic citizenship for US-born babies faces test

9:18 09/12/2005
It's been a cornerstone of American law since shortly after the Civil War: Children born in the United States become citizens, even if their parents are here illegally. Now some conservatives are...

US recalls 60,000 Green Cards due to errors

16:26 06/12/2005
US federal immigration officials are recalling 60,000 permanent residency cards because of errors, creating worry among immigrants who need the documents to work, get a driver's license and apply for...

US manufacturers say skilled jobs staying unfilled

15:05 02/12/2005
Tens of thousands of US auto industry workers are losing their jobs and the nation's manufacturing base continues to shrink, yet the overwhelming majority of U.S. manufacturers say they are having...

Send your Green Card lottery applications today!

12:52 02/12/2005
If you are planning to submit a Green Card Lottery/Diversity Immigrant Visa Program 2007 application to please do so by noon GMT, Friday, Dec. 2 2005. Otherwise, we will not have time...

US plans to build more fences to control illegal immigration

9:28 02/12/2005
President George W Bush announced the construction of more fences in the 3,200km (2,000 miles) border while touring US states earlier this week. Mexico says it opposes a US plan to build more fences...